The Fall of Mezentople is a game about the shape and color of decline. Mezentople will fall, but your choices shape the course. Explore the late years of a fading empire at the end of antiquity as you make choices affecting the vibrancy and cohesion of eight unique cities. There will be devastating tradeoffs as the collapse progresses. The end may be inevitable, but what happens along the way is not: no two runs are exactly the same!

Made for Ludum Dare #50 (Jam), theme: delay the inevitable.

Development log


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A perfect example of the Byzantine Empire.


Cool - nice to see the game was further developed. The UI is really smooth and i like the byzentine-like chanting. Its more of a thematic experience still than a real game but at this it does really well.


I had a lot of fun with this. However, I do wish that the epilogue more closely looked at the consequences of my choices. Like, there could be variance based on the remaining wealth/prosperity of the city when they left the empire. Does that make sense?


Glad you liked it! That’s an interesting idea – we definitely want to add more dependencies between cards and variance to the epilogue.


Awesome. Also, once I get to the end game, I tend to get plague cards one after another, or at least more frequently. I guess it kinda makes sense because less wealth/resources would leave cities open to infection. Simultaneously, it's slightly annoying