The Fall of Mezentople Released!

For LD#50, me and @linneaisaac made The Fall of Mezentople:

The Fall of Mezentople is a game about the shape and color of decline. Mezentople will fall, but your choices shape the course. Explore the late years of a fading empire at the end of antiquity as you make choices affecting the vibrancy and cohesion of eight unique cities. There will be devastating tradeoffs as the collapse progresses. The end may be inevitable, but what happens along the way is not: no two runs are exactly the same!

The game takes inspiration from our previous game The Sacred Text, The History of Rome podcast by Mike Duncan, The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan, and primary sources from late antique Armenian and Byzantine authors. Our goal was to present the fall of empire in a different light than the usual narrative and make a story-generating game that can tell different stories even though each has the same ending.

We hope you enjoy the game, and we appreciate any feedback on the Jam submission ( or here!

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