The Duel Champion can’t seem to walk five feet without being challenged to a game of DeckMasters. And there’s something suspicious about the cube chained to your neck. You could swear thing is cursed. Oh well, hopefully nobody ends up banished to the Dark Zone for all eternity...

Duel for the fate of your unsuspecting challengers in this shogi-inspired autobattler. Place your monsters strategically and let them do the rest. Don’t let your side of the field get hit if you want to win! Or do the opposite if you care to spare the souls of your impossibly weak opponents..

Note:  If it seems like nothing happens at the end of the battle, try clicking to advance the dialogue.


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why refused to reconnect? As promised.


Thanks! Haven't got a chance to watch yet but will soon :)

Nice! You might be interested in the HTCG community, at:

This is. weird. Will give it a proper look