The Flock and the Flood released! [LD51]

@linneaisaac and I just released our most recent game, The Flock and the Flood, for Ludum Dare 51!

An interminable rain falls, and the waters are rising. Protect and grow your flock of sheep for as long as you can - until the temple their efforts built is all that remains above the tides.

This was really fun to make—our first (public) foray into 3D games, and trying to tell a thematic story with less text than usual. Let us know what you think!

For those who want to know the sausage-making process, the tools we used are:

  • THREE.js—I’m much more comfortable with it than a full-fledged engine like Unity.
  • Typescript, with esbuild for bundling (first time using esbuild directly, it’s quite nice)
  • Howler.js for sound
  • bfxr (and a bit of jfxr) for the sound effects, and Garageband for the music
  • Aseprite, which is still the king of pixel art programs, for the art (ipad version when??)

We hope you enjoy the game! Let us know what you think, either here or on Twitter at @voooooogel. And if you also did the Ludum Dare, please toss us a rating on the jam page!

  • Theia & Linnea

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